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Grow Sprouts To Enjoy At Home

Sprouts are a simple and delicious way to get a ton of different nutrients and can be grown easily in the comfort of your own home! At Easy Peasy Plants, we offer a variety of sprouting seeds that are either grown at our family-owned farm or source from a farm like ours. These sprouting seeds can be grown indoors, are all natural, and give you a fun source of different nutrients whenever you want it! We offer wheatgrass sprouting seeds, alfalfa sprouting seeds, and broccoli sprouting seeds that you can grow at home and enjoy daily. Learn more about our sprouting seed products and be sure to contact Easy Peasy Plants with any questions you may have!
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About Our Sprouting Seeds

Our seeds are sustainably grown on our Illinois family farm or sourced from a farm just like ours! These non-GMO seeds are all natural and packaged on our farm without the use of pesticides or other treatments, meaning that you are getting the best possible sprouts. These sprouting seeds grow quickly and provide you with delicious and nutritious sprouts that you can add to soups, salads, sandwiches, or anything else! Whether you choose wheatgrass, alfalfa, or broccoli sprouting seeds, you will be able to enjoy a quick and easy source of nutrients that you can grow right on your kitchen table! Sprouts are a great option because you don’t need a full garden to enjoy the benefits of nutrient-packed treats. You can grow them in the corner of your kitchen, quickly and easily. Learn more about each of our sprouting seed products and order yours today!

Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

Our alfalfa sprouting seeds are sustainably grown, non-GMO, and packaged on our family farm without the use of any pesticides. These sprouts can be added to a variety of foods and are easy to grow in your home. In just days, you will begin to see your alfalfa sprouts sprouting!

Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts:
• Easy to grow
• Low in calories
• High in vitamin K
• Contains vitamin C
• Can be used in a variety of foods

If you want to grow your own alfalfa sprouts and enjoy a quick and easy way to get a boost of nutrients, be sure to order our alfalfa sprouting seeds today!
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Broccoli Sprouting Seeds

Broccoli sprouts are basically baby broccoli plants that are only a few days old! These sprouts look like alfalfa but taste like radishes and are full of nutrients. Broccoli sprouts can be grown in a mason jar, soil, or in a napkin. We make sure that our broccoli sprouting seeds are non-GMO, sustainably grown, and don’t contain any pesticides.

Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts:
• Easy to grow
• Contain high amounts of sulforaphane
• Have a similar nutrition profile to broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, and other veggies
• High in vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and iron
• Great source of protein and fiber

Our broccoli sprouting seeds can help you grow these nutritious and delicious sprouts in the comfort of your own home. These can be great to add in salads, sandwiches, and on any other meals. Order your broccoli sprouting seeds now!
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Wheatgrass Sprouting Seeds

Wheatgrass sprouts are the young grass of wheat grains and harvested before it reaches full size. This can be grown with or without soil and grows quickly. These all natural and non-GMO seeds can be grown in the comfort of your own home and provide a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Wheatgrass Sprouts:
• High in vitamin A, C, and E
• Contains 8 essential amino acids
• Contain various antioxidants
• Great source of potassium and fiber
• Easy to grow

Growing wheatgrass sprouts in your own home is simple and easy with our sprouting seeds! When you order our wheatgrass sprouting seeds, you can enjoy fresh, natural, non-GMO sprouts in no time!
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With five generations of farming experience and a family owned farm, we are excited to offer our collection of sprouting seeds! These seeds are easy to grow, can be grown indoors, and can provide you with a boost of nutrients. If you want to start growing your own sprouts, choose your favorite and order yours today! Feel free to contact Easy Peasy Plants with any other questions you may have.
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