Learn About Fertilizer


Rooted in more than five generations of hands-in-the-dirt farming, we’re transforming the way people grow plants. From houseplants to large-scale crops, all growing scenarios are covered by our product line. We’re privileged to support people who love plants with safe, powerful, easy-to-use fertilizers. We offer both wet and dry fertilizers, and we want to empower you to choose the one that will work best for you.


Our granular fertilizer comes in dry pellet form. It gets mixed into soil and is activated by watering for a slow release. It can be put into the ground at the time of planting or mixed into the top couple inches of the soil around established plants at any time. Two of our favorite benefits include:


  • • Cheaper In Bulk: If you need large volumes of fertilizer, granular is the way to go! It stores forever and comes at a very smart price point.
  • • Efficient for Heavy Pre-Plant Applications: When it comes to prepping soil, granular fertilizer is the champ without question. It mixes effortlessly into soil and nurtures your plants over time.

    Our liquid fertilizer is mixed into water and is applied to plants during watering. It’s easy to control its intensity and include it in your routines. Our two favorite benefits of liquid fertilizer include:


  • • Ease of Blending: It’s easy-peasy to mix the correct amount of fertilizer into your watering can or hose hopper. Once it’s all mixed, you’re ready to go!
  • • Applies with More Uniformity: Because the fertilizer goes wherever your water goes, it's simple to give your plants full coverage in one pass. The fertilizer is more immediately available for root uptake, so your plants will appreciate it!