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The Basics:

What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer provides plants with the nutrients they need to survive. Fertilizers contain different types of nutrients that help plants thrive. Our fertilizers contain three of the primary nutrients that plants need — phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.

What is Plant Food?

Plant food not only provides plants with nutrients they need to thrive but also provides micronutrients, which allow plants to grow properly, produce beautiful blooms, and become more resistant to disease. Our plant foods are designed for different types of plants and different purposes.

What is Triple Superphosphate?

Triple superphosphate is a type of fertilizer with high levels of phosphorus. Triple superphosphate is about 46 percent phosphorus. This type of fertilizer is used to restore soil components that are essential for farming.

What Does Triple Superphosphate Do For Plants?

Triple superphosphate fertilizer is used to increase root development and allows the plant’s sugars to move around more efficiently. It also promotes larger fruits and flowers to grow.

Is Triple Superphosphate The Same As Superphosphate?

No. Triple superphosphate is about 46 percent phosphorus, while superphosphate is about 20 percent phosphorus.

What is Urea Fertilizer?

Urea fertilizer is a fertilizer that contains high amounts of nitrogen.

What is Urea Fertilizer Good For?

Urea fertilizer is great for plants that love acidic soils, such as strawberries, blueberries, corn, and others! If you are growing these in your backyard garden, our urea fertilizer could be a great option for you.

What is Potash Fertilizer?

Potash is a fertilizer that contains high levels of potassium, another nutrient that helps plants thrive.

What is Potash Good For?

Potash can help increase water retention in plants, improves crop yields, and boost root health. It can also improve the taste, texture, and nutritional value of plants.

How Do I Know When My Plant Needs Fertilizer?

Your plants will show signs of malnutrition when they need fertilizer. If the levels of nitrogen are low, their foliage will likely turn pale green or yellow. If levels of potassium are low, your plants will likely have dark green veins on pale green leaves, which is known as chlorosis. If your plant has dull, dark foliage with purple leaves at the base of the plant or isn’t flowering as much as it usually does, it may be a sign of phosphorus deficiency.

Before fertilizing, make sure your plant isn’t showing signs of being over or underwatered.