What Are Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds Used For?

What Are Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds Used For?

Alfalfa sprouting seeds have been used to grow alfalfa sprouts for centuries as a food source and as a way to improve health. Alfalfa sprouts are packed with nutrients, and they're easy to grow at home! In this blog post, we at Easy Peasy Plants will discuss four different uses of alfalfa sprouting seeds. If you are interested in our Easy Peasy Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds, shop now!

Food Source

Alfalfa sprouting seeds are a food source that can be grown inside or in the garden in just a few days. Alfalfa sprouts are known as a legume that has many nutritional benefits. They are packed full of nutrients like vitamin K and C!

Improve Health

Alfalfa sprouts are a great way to improve your health! Alfalfa is high in antioxidants, a good source of fiber, and rich in vitamins like K and C. Alfalfa sprouts are overall a great addition to any diet and can be eaten raw or cooked!

Animal Feed

Alfalfa sprouting seeds can also be used for animal feed. Due to its high nutrient content, alfalfa can be used as animal feed for cows, horses, chickens, and more! It's also a great source of fiber that can help animals with their digestive issues.


Alfalfa sprouting seeds can also be used as a fertilizer. Alfalfa is a legume that helps to replenish nitrogen in the soil. It is able to convert atmospheric nitrogen into usable nitrogen for plants. Our seeds are easy to grow and perfect for helping you to enrich your soil with more nutrients like nitrogen.

At Easy Peasy Plants, our Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds are non-GMO and grown on our family farm. If you are interested in trying out our Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds in one of the ways from this article, shop now!