Tips to Improve Plant Soil

examining rich plant soil

It is no secret that healthy soil is the key to growing strong and vigorous plants that are able to hold their own against pests and diseases. However, soil improvement is not a one-time activity, but rather an ongoing process. With Easy Peasy Plants, you can mitigate all your soil fertilization worries with a team of garden experts! If you're still looking for tips to improve your plant soil, we've got some tricks we'd like to share.

man putting compost in buckets

Use a Compost

Compost is essentially decomposed organic matter, which is excellent for improving the health of garden soil. By working compost into the ground, the structure of the soil undergoes significant improvement. Moreover, the soil is better able to retain nutrients. Composting also keeps the soil loose, allowing air to reach the plant's roots and maintain a neutral pH.

mulching the surface of a garden

Mulch the Surface

Mulching the surface of your soil is crucial for healthy soil and robust plants. Mulching kindles the natural growing conditions and keeps the soil cool. When you lay mulch on the surface, it slowly decomposes and adds organic matter to the soil, increasing its fertility. Mulch also hinders the growth of weeds, which compete with your plants for nutrients.

a variety of crops in a vegetable garden

Practice Crop Rotation

Crop rotation refers to planting crops in different locations of the garden every year. It discourages the depletion of nutrients and prevents the cycle of pests and diseases. Rotating crops every year ensures that the garden soil remains healthy. It would be best if you practiced rotation so that the same family of plants does not grow in the same patch for three years in a row.

cow grazing in field

Add Manure

Aged animal manure not only improves the health of the soil but also enhances its fertility. Let the manure age for a few months or up to a year before adding it to the garden soil. Droppings from cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats, and bats are all rich in nutrients. They improve the structure of the soil they are added to.

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