Indoor Plant Care Mistakes To Avoid

house plants in pots

Do you want to harness the beauty of your indoor plants? Taking care of your plants well often involves a continuous caretaking process, especially if you want them to thrive. There are some mistakes that you can avoid to ensure a long life for your plants. Easy Peasy Plants has put together this list of indoor plant care mistakes that you can easily avoid to help your plants live longer and stay beautiful!

Woman watering plants near window at home


While watering your indoor plants should be a daily occurrence, it can be easy to accidentally overwater your plants. When there is excess water present, the roots of your plant may rot, and the plant will die. Similarly, if you see brown spots on the leaves, the plant is not getting enough water. You can avoid this by following a watering schedule along with moisture checks for the soil. We also recommend pots with holes in the bottom for a better flow of water.

man standing at table indoor with plant pots of houseplants

Build-Up of Salt

Overwatering can lead to more than simply excess moisture — if you water your plants improperly, the soil may also have an excess amount of salt begin to build up. You need to put the exact amount of water required to pass through the drain without clogging. If there is too much salt in your houseplant, you may see a crust of salt on top of the potting soil or beside the pot edges.

sun room filled with plants

Not Enough Ventilation

Putting your indoor plants in a damp and unlit location will kill them in a hurry. If you do not have properly insulated and ventilated windows, your indoor plants are very likely to fail. Make sure your room has proper sunlight, air, and no pest infestation.

woman fertilizing indoor plants

Minimal Indoor Plant Fertilizer

Indoor plant fertilizer is the most important thing to keep your plants from dying! You may use liquid or slow-release fertilizer to ensure it stays healthy and full of nutrients. Along with proper watering techniques, ventilation, and avoidance of salt build-up, you will need plant fertilizers to keep them healthy. Even then, using an excess amount of indoor plant food will only harm it.

Taking care of an indoor plant can be a challenging process without the right tools and care products. There are many factors to be aware of! Get what you need to successfully care for your indoor plants when you shop our online store!