Different Types of Plant Fertilizer

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The importance of a good fertilizer cannot be denied. However, all fertilizers work differently, and you need to find the right fertilizer for your garden's growth. At East Peasy Plants, we can take care of all your plant fertilizer needs. Read on if you'd like to learn about the different kinds of fertilizers.

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Nitrogen Fertilizers

Nitrogen is responsible for growth in plants. It is a very common nutrient in fertilizers and is especially useful during the middle stages of the plant's lifespan. Nitrogen is quite beneficial when a plant needs encouragement to continue growing. It also promotes the stemming of new leaves.

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Potassium Fertilizers

Potassium helps the plants grow stronger and deeper roots. It even helps in protecting the plants from harm when they lack other nutrients. Moreover, potassium is essential for photosynthesis. If your plants lack potassium, you will be able to notice yellowing or browning along the edges of leaves. If the deficiency continues, the leaves might even die off.

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Phosphate Fertilizers

Plants need phosphorus continuously to remain healthy. It strengthens the root system and stems of the plants. It even improves flowering, seeding, and fruiting. Triple phosphate fertilizer, or triple superphosphate (TSP), is very high in phosphorus and is free of any traces of nitrogen. It is quite beneficial for plants.

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Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are made using natural and organic materials, mostly compost, manure, or other animal and plant substances. They are rich in nutrients and work slowly to offer long-term benefits. They build the soil up over time and can even be made at home. Inorganic fertilizers, on the contrary, are made with chemicals that contain the required nutrients. They are suited to give your garden an almost instantaneous boost. So, if you want to reap benefits in the short term, these fertilizers are for you.

While it may be impossible to learn everything there is to know about fertilizers, we're here to help you! At Easy Peasy Plants, we treat your garden with utmost care and ensure that it receives the fertilizers it needs. Shop our online store now to find the products you need for healthy plants!