Benefits of Urea Fertilizer

Plants need a variety of nutrients to thrive. As the soil they are growing in gets older, certain nutrients are lost. One nutrient that they need is nitrogen. Urea fertilizer contains this nutrient and provides plants with a variety of benefits. At Easy Peasy Plants, our urea fertilizer contains 46 percent nitrogen. Learn the benefits of this type of fertilizer and shop our plant care products today.

Monstera plant with deep green leaves.


Promotes Green Leafy Growth

Urea fertilizer can help provide plants with the nutrients they need to look their best. This fertilizer type promotes the beautiful deep green color in plants, giving your plants a healthy and stunning appearance. Whether you are growing flowers, a veggie garden or any other type of plant, fertilizer rich with nitrogen can help them look healthy and happy.

Full and lush leafy plants.


Encourages Fast Growth

Do you want your plants to grow more and look lush? Urea fertilizer can also help with that! This nitrogen-rich fertilizer allows plants to grow faster, which means they show new growth more often and become more lush. You will love to watch all the new growth pop up when you start using the urea fertilizer.

Garden with flowers and other plants, with a wheelbarrow and shovel nearby.


Aids in Photosynthesis Process

During the photosynthesis process, plants take carbon dioxide and water from the air and soil and transform it into glucose, which they use as food for energy. The urea fertilizer aids in the photosynthesis process, allowing plants to thrive.
Man holding a crate of vegetables.


Stimulates Larger Flower and Crop Production

Urea fertilizer can also help your plants produce larger flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Since this type of fertilizer allows for plants to grow faster, it encourages flowers and crops to grow larger. If you have a garden and want larger yields, this is a great fertilizer to try!

At Easy Peasy Plants, we offer a variety of plant care products that can help you give your plants the nutrients they need, whether you have an outdoor garden or a collection of indoor plants. Be sure to try our urea fertilizer and shop our other plant care products today. Contact us with any questions you may have.