Benefits of Potash Fertilizers

Plants need certain nutrients to thrive. Potash is a micronutrient that is essential for the growth and development of plants. Potash fertilizers provide your plants with the potassium they need to grow to their fullest potential. At Easy Peasy Plants, we offer all-natural granular potash fertilizer, among many other plant care products. Learn the benefits of potash fertilizers and shop now!

Lettuce plant growing with fertilizer next to it.

Allows For Better Flower and Fruit Production

If you have a garden that grows flowers, fruits, or vegetables, potash fertilizer is a great option! Potash gives your plants the nutrients they need to grow larger fruit and vegetables. If your goal is to have your plants produce greater yields. Try some in your garden!

Hand holding granular fertilizer near a plant.

Increases Root Health

Healthy roots are essential to healthy plants. Plant roots are what provide plants with life, allow them to draw in water and the necessary nutrients, and thrive. Potash fertilizer can help increase root health and allow your plants to thrive. If you want to ensure your plants are as healthy as can be, add some potash fertilizer to the soil!

Small plant growing with fertilizer granules around it.

Boosts Disease Tolerance

Plants can get diseases just like humans. When you give your plants potash fertilizer, you can help boost their disease tolerance. This will help keep your plants healthy, allow them to continue growing, and ensure that disease doesn’t take over your garden.

Flowers being watered.

Helps Plants Synthesize Sugars

Potash fertilizer allows plants to better synthesize sugars that they use for food. When plants have a harder time synthesizing sugars, they are less likely to grow and may not produce fruits and flowers as easily.

Potash fertilizer is a great option for many plants, including trees, gardens, and turf. There are a few plants that shouldn’t be given potash fertilizer, however. These include hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons. If you are growing a garden, try adding our potash fertilizer to the soil for healthier, happier plants! Shop now and contact Easy Peasy Plants to learn more.