Benefits of Easy Peasy Indoor Plant Food

At Easy Peasy Plants, we know being a plant parent can be a lot of work, and your plants add a special touch to your space. We created our Indoor Plant Food to help your plants continue to grow and thrive. In this article, we’ll be going over the benefits of Easy Peasy Indoor Plant Food. To give your indoor plants the nutrients they need, shop now!

Indoor plants

Promotes Healthy Growth

Are you worried your plant isn’t growing or getting enough nutrients to grow? Our Indoor Plant Food promotes healthy green leaf growth and colorful blooms. It also helps your indoor plants to develop a strong root system, which promotes healthier plants.

Person holding a seedling in their hands

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We know that in our current times it’s important to find products that produce less waste so we help to keep our environment clean. That’s why our Easy Peasy Indoor Plant Food is highly concentrated, which reduces plastic bottle use by 50% compared to our competitors.

Large indoor plants potted on the floor

High-Quality Ingredients

Easy Peasy Plants has more than five generations of farming experience, which allows us to give you the highest quality ingredients from our family farm to your indoor plants. Our products always use the best so you are able to provide your plants with the quality nutrient support they need.

Indoor plant on a white shelf

Specifically Formulated for Indoor Plants

Our Indoor Plant Food uses a specific ratio of N-P-K with added sulfur to work specifically for indoor plants. The added sulfur helps by promoting better nutrient uptake, so your plant is taking in the most nutrients that it can from our product.

If you are worried your indoor plants aren’t getting enough nutrients or you want to try a new plant food, our Easy Peasy Indoor Plant Food can help! It helps your plants thrive and continue to grow by providing the nutrients they need. To try out our Indoor Plant Food, shop now!