4 Signs Your Plants Need Some TLC

Signs Your Plants Need Some TLC

As a proud plant owner, you want nothing more than to see your plants grow and thrive. However, in order to maintain their health, it’s crucial to pay attention to the small details. Your plants will let you know when they need some TLC! Today, the team at Easy Peasy Plants is here to share four of the biggest signs that something is wrong with your plants. Keep reading to learn what to watch out for and how to fix it.

The Leaves Are Turning Brown

Unless it’s normal for the species, your plant’s leaves shouldn’t be straying far from shades of green. If yours are turning brown, there might be a buildup of too much fertilizer. We suggest replanting your plant in fresh soil and adding a small amount of our easy-to-use granular fertilizer.

It's Beginning to Wilt

Wilting is often caused by a lack of water or a fungal infection. Dry soil indicates a need for water, but wet soil will tell you it’s an infection in the roots known as root rot. If this is the case for your plant, Easy Peasy Plants recommends removing the affected parts and treating what’s left with our Root Promoter and Supplement.

The Roots Are Trying to Break Free

If you notice your plant’s roots are growing through the top of the soil or the bottom of your planter, don’t worry. Those roots simply need more space! You can easily address this by replanting your plant into a bigger area or container. Don’t forget to use your favorite fertilizer, too!

It Doesn’t Appear Healthy

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when your plant is struggling. It may appear lackluster, discolored, or even sick. There could be several reasons behind this, but the most common is a lack of nutrients. We suggest treating your plant to our Indoor Plant Food to supplement everything it’s been missing.

When you notice signs your plant needs some TLC, you don’t have to panic. By identifying the problem and utilizing the plant tips we’ve shared, it’s easy to find a solution. Shop the plant care products from Easy Peasy Plants today to revive your plant!