4 of the Easiest Plants to Care For

4 of the Easiest Plants to Care For

Whether you’re a first-time plant owner or trying to improve your green thumb, knowing what types of plants to buy can be tricky. There is an endless number to choose from, and they all require different levels of care. Until you’re skilled at gardening, though, it’s ideal to aim for beginner-friendly plants. At Easy Peasy Plants, we’ve been farming for more than five generations, so we’ve had our fair share of experience. Read on as we share four of the easiest plants to care for.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are a chic choice that can add lively pops of yellow and green to any indoor space. They don’t need much light and can survive weeks without water. To ensure your snake plant thrives, the team at Easy Peasy Plants recommends using our Indoor Plant Food to provide additional nutrients.

Lucky Bamboo

If you’re interested in unique-looking plants, consider a lucky bamboo. This hardy plant thrives in even the poorest of conditions, and it’s easy to revive if it starts wilting. Lucky bamboo begins its life growing in water, though you should transfer it to a combination of soil and granular fertilizer once roots form.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is among the most adaptable and easiest plants to care for, and its variegated leaves are stunning. Indirect sunlight and infrequent watering allow it to thrive. We suggest adding fertilizer to the soil of your Chinese evergreen, so you can ensure its beauty lives on without a problem.

Aloe Vera

Consider a plant that’s low-maintenance and beneficial to have around, such as aloe vera. As a succulent, it doesn’t require much sunlight or water. Plus, it produces a thick gel that soothes burns and irritations and moisturizes. With the help of our Succulent Plant Food, you can enjoy your aloe vera’s medicinal benefits for years to come.

Growing a garden doesn’t have to be a challenge! By starting with the easiest plants to care for, like the ones Easy Peasy Plants named today, you can quickly find your green thumb. Choose your favorite, then shop our plant care products for even easier plant maintenance.